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二肖中特期期100准:CaCO? Filler Masterbatches for PP Aplication

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香港二肖中特网 Polypropylene filler masterbatch is mainly used in the production of plastic products, which can greatly reduce the production cost. According to the calculation of 10%-20% additive ratio, the cost of the product is about 1000-2000 RMB lower than the original per ton, and the performance of the cost is more excellent. Improve thermal conductivity, shorten molding time and improve productivity.

Reduce the shrinkage and deformation of products, improve the degree of degradation, accelerate the decomposition of plastic products, conducive to environmental protection.

Improve the impact resistance and bending strength of products;

It can increase the heat resistance, thus greatly reducing the deformation.


Please pay attention to the following points when choosing filler products:

1. Whether there are impurities in the filler (if there are impurities, there will be black spots on the surface of the product in the later stage)

2. Dispersion of filler (if the dispersion is not good, the product surface will appear dense white spots)

3. Filling material water content (if the water content is too high, the surface of the injection product will appear irregular fog-like flow pattern, and the film product will appear water spray and film breaking phenomenon)

4. Filler melt finger (if the filler melt finger does not match the product, the product will have uneven thickness)

5. Mesh number of calcium carbonate (the thinner the calcium carbonate is, the smaller the influence on the gloss of the product surface and the better the fluidity)



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